Poster presentations from ESR5, ESR6 and ESR14  27/01/2023

CAPSTONE research communication activities for 2022 ended with a high note for Shami Alvarez Mourid (ESR5, University of Southampton, UK), Dario Vinicio Guglietta (ESR6, University of Southampton, UK) and Filipa de Vasconcelos (ESR14, Inocure, CZ), who had the opportunity to share their most recent project updates and results through inspiring poster presentations at impactful scientific conferences.

  • Shami and Dario attended the annual “British Society for Immunology Congress” in Liverpool (UK) organized by British Society for Immunology. The event took place between the 5th and 8th of December 2022 with over 1500 participants and a programme covering all the latest information around translational immunology and spotlighting topics such as neuroimmunology, immunotherapy, and tissue immunology.  State-of-the-art applications were discussed and ESRs could exchange fruitful scientific talks with a wider audience in their field. Shami presented his poster titled “The effects of ERAP1 modulation in antigen processing and presentation” focusing on his efforts around the inhibition of ERAP1 allotypes and how this affects the peptide repertoire in normal and tumor cells. In a similar manner, Dario delivered a poster presentation regarding the ‘’Effect of ERAP1 modulation on the induction of protective anti-tumor immunity’’ studying how to modify ERAP1 on inducing protective anti-tumor immunity, by establishing an ERAP1 genetic knockout method.
  • Filipa attended virtually the “International Biomedical Engineering for Drug Discovery and Development” which took place in Bangkok (TH) between 20-21 of December 2022. The conference aimed to bring together researchers to share their experiences and results on different aspects of Biomedical Engineering applied to Drug Discovery and Development. Filipa presented her poster entitled “Development of Drug Delivery Systems for ERAP/IRAP Modulators using Electrospinning Techniques”. This presentation examined methods to overcome shortcomings of drug delivery systems, such as the encapsulation of inhibitors into polymers with nanoparticle electrospun fibrous meshes.

 Shami, Dario and Filipa are sharing their impressions:

 Shami (ESR5):It was fantastic to be able to share my data with other PhD students, and experts in the fields of cancer biology and immunology. I got some very valuable inputs and suggestions of things that I could try in my next experiments, it was also very encouraging to see how much progress scientists are making in the field and how many new applications and technologies are being brought into the market by companies in order to maximize efficiency.”

 Dario (ESR6): ‘’ Presenting my work at a large conference as the BSI was a thrilling experience for sure, and discussing my research with other colleagues provided insightful perspectives on it.”

 Filipa (ESR14): “It is always a great pleasure to share the result of my hard work amongst other researchers, while acquiring more knowledge on different scientific and interesting topics!”

Read their abstracts here