Dr. Dimitris Georgiadis

Dimitris Georgiadis, PhD has a 10-year academic experience as faculty member at the Laboratory of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. During this period, he supervised the training of more than 10 postgraduate students, 20 undergraduate students (Diploma theses) and he is currently the supervisor of 2 PhD projects. He has a long research experience with subjects relevant to this proposal, that is development of potent and selective inhibitors of Zn-metallopeptidases (MMPs, ACE, ECE, Aminopeptidase A) and novel synthetic methodologies in the field of phosphinic peptides, with more than 25 high impact-factor publications on the field and 800 citations. Dr Dimitris Georgiadis has been involved either as participant or as coordinator to several research programmes relevant to the development of zinc-metallopeptidases inhibitors and he is a leading scientist in the field of medicinally-relevant phosphinic peptides internationally. As a permanent faculty member of UOA, Dr Drimitris Georgiadis has the opportunity to commit to the training of PhD students who will work in the design and production of inhibitors of ERAP1/2 and IRAP with improved selectivity and pharmacological profiles.