Pr. Evzen Amler

Evzen Amler, Evzen  Amler, PhD , is a professor in the field of Medical Biophysics and head of  the Institute of Medical Biophysics at Charles University in Prague. He is also a visiting professor at University of Naples in Italy and head of the department of Nanobiotechnology at University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings (UCEEB) in Prague. He has a long lasting teaching experience for pre-graduate as well as for post-graduate students, he has supervised the PhD projects of more than 20 students. Since 2017, he is involved in the European Project BIONECA as a chairman of working group. This COST project aims to unify protocols for application of stem cells for neurological and cardiovascular diseases. He has author of more than 170 scientific papers, 20 patents or utility models on the field of bionanotechnology and has an H-index of 28. His research expertise is in the field of scaffolds, drug delivery systems and tissue engineering. Since 2021, he is head of the research and development department at Inocure, an innovative nanotechnology startup in Prague, Czech Republic. The company is specialized in development of electrospinning devices and electrospun materiels, and focuses the research on advanced nanofiber based drug delivery systems.  He did his PhD on effect of lipid-protein interactions on the activity of membrane bound enzymes.