Dr Afantitis Antreas

Afantitis Antreas, PhD, MBA is the founder and director of NovaMechanics Ltd. He has a strong scientific background in the field of chemoinformatics, bioinformatics, nanoinformatics, modelling, simulation and medicinal & materials chemistry. He successfully coordinated applied drug discovery projects and his scientific work has been published in over 55 original research articles in international peer reviewed journals and 3 patents. According to Google Scholar his h-index is 27. His research has been highlighted several times in the literature. He is a reviewer in leading scientific journals, a member of Editorial Boards and an evaluator of international competitive grants. He has guest edited two special issues on Nanoinformatics collecting the current state of the art in the field (Food and Chem. Tox. 2018, Comb. Chem. High Throughput Screen. 2015). He has successfully led the efforts to develop and implement state of the art information technology systems (database, web services, custom made scientific software development) in NovaMechanics Ltd. for solving Cheminformatics, Bioinformatics, Nanoinformatics, Modelling, Simulation and Big Data analysis problems. He has supervised all the R&D activities and the product development of the company (Enalos+ KNIME nodes, Enalos Cloud Platform, Enalos Suite etc.). As a Director at NovaMechanics Ltd, he has led several efforts for the development of computational infrastructures of scientific and technological excellence at a national and European level that have contributed decisively to the support of new scientists. At NovaMechanics he has supervised a multidisciplinary team of Post-Doctoral and PhD Scientists. He participates as a PI with NovaMechanics in 17 multi-partner and international cooperation Research Projects (link). Currently he is the Coordinator of the nanoinformatics project NanoSolveIT (H2020 project). Recently, he has joined as a Co-Chair the WG D “Models and Tools for Risk Assessment” of the Nanosafety Cluster.