ESR4: Martha - Spyridoula Nikopaschou

Proteomic analysis of ERAP/IRAP role on the immunopeptidome of cancer and immune cells

  • Scientific Background

Martha Nikopaschou received her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece (2014-2018). As she graduated 1st in her class, she was awarded with a 2-year scholarship from the Bodossaki Foundation for her MSc studies in Food Safety at Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands (2018-2020). During her MSc studies she specialised in Toxicology, while the title of her MSc thesis was “DNA adduct formation upon repeated exposure to estragole or 1’-OH estragole”. Martha, then, gained experience by conducting an internship at Nestlé Research Centre (Switzerland), in the group of Chemical Food Safety, where she was engaged with the optimisation of an in vitro tool for the detection of alterations to steroid hormone biosynthesis.

  • CAPSTONE project

Analysis of the effects of small-molecule modulators of aminopeptidases on cellular antigen presentation and the immunopeptidome

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