ESR13: Adele Ponzoni

Biomarkers discovery, compounds distribution, efficacy and toxicity analysis by Mass Spectrometry Imaging

  • Scientific Background

Adele studied Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Techniques, with a specialization in pharmaceutical research and development, at the Department of Pharmaceutical Science of the University of Padova, from 2015 to 2020. Her diploma thesis, entitled “Targeting the translation machinery enhance immunotherapy response in prostate cancer”, was performed first at the Veneto Institute of Molecular Medicine, in Padova, and then at the Institute of Oncology Research, in Bellinzona, Switzerland. After her graduation, Adele did an internship at the Institute of Oncology Research, to conclude her project. Thanks to these experiences, she expands her knowledge in molecular oncology and immunology, learning how to translate the theory from drug design to formulation and discovery from a biological point of view.

  • CAPSTONE project

Adele will use the latest technologies in mass spectrometry imaging to assess distribution of immunomodulatory small molecules in disease-related models and establish the in vivo pharmacokinetic profile of the candidate compounds. Furthermore, she will identify and evaluate efficacy/toxicity biomarkers using the latest spatial proteomic and transcriptomic platforms.

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