The CAPSTONE training program follows a modular approach that will be adjusted to the specific needs and varying backgrounds of the ESRs while also being aligned to the different host institutions (beneficiaries) requirements as well as to the demands of the business partners and Europe’s industry.

CAPSTONE training is plan builds on seven main training events:

Training Event

Location/Lead institution

Project Month

1st  CAPSTONE Summit

  • Transferable skills: Ethics, project management and gender issues
(1) Training by courses & case studies on ethics (including gender aspects), scientific integrity, Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), conflict of interest. (2) Training on teamwork, project management  (GANTT, milestones, SWOT), including a workshop on stress resistance etc. by the Ombudsman. (3) Gender equality in drug development research: current challenges and future directions (OPBG, ULILLE & external experts).



Nov 2021/M11


2nd CAPSTONE Summit

  • Scientific workshop on ERAP in antigen processing and diseases
Training on ERAP biological roles, structure and mechanism through lectures by beneficiaries


Mar 2022/M15

3rd CAPSTONE Summit

  • Scientific workshop on drug discovery in Europe
  • Transferable skills: Scientific writing - basics, authorship and open access

Roma (IT) / OPBG

May 2022/M17

4th CAPSTONE Summit

  • Scientific workshop on protein production and analysis by structural biology and data modelling

Athens (GR) / NCSRD & NKUA

Oct 2022/M22

5th CAPSTONE Summit

  • Transferable skills: Business development, entrepreneurship and intellectual property
  • Scientific workshop on systems medicine & genetics & personalized medicine drug discovery
Utrecht (NL) / UMCU  Apr 2023/M28

6th CAPSTONE Summit

  • Scientific workshop on clinical studies in therapeutic areas relevant for ERAP
  • Transferable skills: Socio-public aspects of research & outreach: awareness of patient needs, clinician expectation
  • Scientific workshop on experimental high throughput methodology for screening and ADME
Lille (FR) / ULILLE
 Sep 2023/M33

EMBO Workshop

Antigen processing & Presentation

To be defined

 To be defined

7th CAPSTONE Summit

  • Transferable skills: Communication skills - from elevator pitch to scientific popularization
  • Transferable skills: Planning career: grant writing, digital ID & CV writing

Cyprus (CY) / NVM

May 2024/M41

CAPSTONE Open Conference

  • The ESRs and principal investigators (PIs) will present the project results to the scientific community, industry and other interested parties. Next to that a dedicated to general public session is planned. The conference will be opened to invited researchers from relevant fields and members of other related EU-funded projects. The CAPSTONE consortium will share the project’s main outcomes, and other invited guest speakers will contribute with presentations of the latest results in the field of antigen processing and ERAP immunotherapy.

Paris (FR) / ULILLE

Oct 2024/M46