Dr. Efstratios Stratikos

Efstratios Stratikos, PhD is an Associate Professor of Biochemistry at the Department of Chemistry of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and an Adjunct Researcher at the National Center for Scientific Research Demokritos in Athens, Greece where he heads the laboratory of Protein Chemistry. He has been working for 25 years on understanding fundamental biological problems and the pathogenesis of human disease through the analysis of the structure and function of key protein biomolecules. Dr. Stratikos has extensive experience in the production of recombinant proteins and their characterization by spectroscopic and biophysical methods including x-ray crystallography. He has co-authored 80 publications (42 of which as a corresponding author) in major peer-reviewed journals including prestigious journals such as PNASJournal of Experimental MedicineNature Immunology, Journal of Immunology, JBC, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and Nature Structural and Molecular Biology. For the last 15 years he was been working on the biochemistry of antigen processing and presentation with this project being one of the two main projects in his laboratory. On the field of antigen presentation he has published >45 papers, has supervised 4 Master’s theses and 5 PhD theses and is currently supervising 2 PhD candidates doing research or different aspects of antigen processing. His work has received over 2850 citations up to date. His research has been funded by US and European funding agencies (including the Helen Hay Whitney Foundation, the Medical Foundation, the Marie-Curie International Reintegration Grant program, the EU STREP “HDLomics” and the Harry J. Lloyd Charitable Trust) as well as Greek based organizations (HFRI, NSRF, Empeirikion Foundation, Hellenic Rheumatology Society and Hellenic Lipidology Society). He has coordinated several major national and international research grants, including a retained ERC consolidator proposal supported by national funds.