ESR11: Sandra Llamas Rizo

Design, synthesis and evaluation of phosphinic transition-state analogues of ERAP/IRAP

  • Scientific Background

Sandra holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the Chemistry Faculty, University of Barcelona, Spain (2015-2019). Then, she completed her Master’s degree in Organic Chemistry at the Organic and Inorganic Department, University of Barcelona, Spain (2019-2020). The title of her master thesis was “Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of photoactivable compounds against cancer stem cells” and it was performed at the Medicinal Chemistry Group of the CSIC Research Institution, Spain. Furthermore, Sandra has gained some additional experience in organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry working for a few months with Jordi Garcia’s research group at the University of Barcelona in collaboration with the pharmaceutical company Esteve where she developed synthetic pathways towards impurities in drug synthesis in order to isolate and characterise them for pharmaceutical applications.

  • CAPSTONE project

The project involves the development of phosphinic pseudopeptidic inhibitors of ERAPs/IRAP by using combinatorial and late-stage diversification techniques in order to identify crucial structure-activity relationships that will reveal unknown selectivity patterns. In addition, activity-based probes of different technologies will be synthesized and evaluated, based on the molecular scaffold of known inhibitors as well as new, selective inhibitors that will be identified during the project. Learning about new techniques for the activity-based probes and SAR studies is the most attractive part of the project since it is very new to me and very useful for the aim of the project.

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