ESR6: Dario Vinicio Guglietta

Effect of ERAP1 modulation on induction of protective anti-tumour immunity

  • Scientific Background

Dario has been passionate about biology and “how our body works” since childhood, for this reason after obtaining a scientific high school degree he continued his educational path with a bachelor degree in “Biotechology” at Sapienza university of Rome (2015/2017). He has completed his university studies with a Master degree in “Medical Biotechnology” still at Sapienza university of Rome with a thesis entitled: Role of hMENA isoforms on tertiary lymphoid structures localization and lymphotoxin beta receptor regulation in lung carcinoma (2018/2019). After his Master, thanks to an Erasmus+ scholarship, he had the opportunity to attend an 8 months traineeship at Institut Pasteur where he has learnt a lot about the interactions between stroma and cancer cell but besides this he has gained numerous soft skills that he hopes will help him in pursuing a PhD.

  • CAPSTONE project

The project is to understand how ERAP1 modulators alter the immune response against cancer. This will involve examining the immune populations inducing in syngeneic murine tumour models that aim to mimic human disease. The aim is to reveal the underlying mechanism of tumour protection and how human variants of ERAP1 impact on this. These investigations will be strengthen through the ability to characterise the role of NK cells in these responses through secondment at OPBG and understanding how these ERAP1 modulators could be developed for the clinic.

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